Advocates for Bubba
Sunday August 24th

Curly Tail was contacted by a good Samaritan on Sunday morning. A very old, emaciated,  pug was found in the middle of the road, suffering from severe dehydration and extreme malnourishment. He was a barely walking skeleton and it wasn't clear if he would survive the next 24hrs. The good Samaritan & neighbors brought the dog food and water on the side of the road. At risk for heat stroke, he was brought to a vet for fluids and to check for a microchip. There were no tags, ID or identifying information for this poor pup.

This sweet dog was given fluids, food and water to stabilize him. Later that evening Curly Tail Volunteers picked up the dog and one of our experienced fosters has been monitoring the dog and providing continued basic care. We were advised to keep him out of the shelter system b/c of his dangerously frail condition. Sadly, a dog in such poor health is at grave risk for infection if brought to a shelter. We feared for his life because catching even a simple cold could have killed this pug, which appeared to be at death's door.

At Curly Tail we work with shelters, vets and community groups to provide information and assistance in caring for animals and advocating for laws and policies to improve the treatment of animals.

These are pictures of the pug at the animal hospital and on the car ride into Curly Care. Please note that this dog was not missing for more than “45 minutes” (according to information later obtained from the owners).


Please sign & share his petition here:  Petition to Protect Bubba

This is what he looked like less than 24hrs later with ample food, water and a bath.  

Tuesday August 26th

On Tuesday April 26th we were told that possible owners were located. They were immediately contacted by our Foster Coordinator, Sonya to verify ownership. As an animal rescue, our GOAL IS TO KEEP / REUNITE OWNERS WITH THEIR PETS.

They were asked to provide current pictures & a veterinarian contact. At this basic request, the owner Patty became hysterical and volatile. I personally called Patty (minutes later) to introduce myself as the Founder & Director of Curly Tail Pug Rescue. Working in the rescue arena we understand the stress and duress owners can be under if they lose a dog. I wanted to try and explain why we were asking for a photo and vet information (we want to make sure we send an animal back to the right owner and when we encounter an animal with serious health concerns like Bubba we want to make sure that the dog is receiving proper medical care/ isn’t being mistreated). Unfortunately in attempting to explain this to Patty I was not able to get past saying my first name before she became hysterical and irate. While as an organization we don’t normally air our dirty laundry (this post is unprecedented in all the years we have been helping in the rescue community) Patty threatening me and those associated with our organization with the police (fine), notification of the news media (also fine) and physical violence (absolutely unacceptable).

Since it was clear Patty was unwilling or unable to provide the information we requested I attempted to contact her husband. Again I simply wanted to identify myself, explain the current situation and ask that we communicate to come to a resolution. Unfortunately Patty’s husband was uninterested in providing the information requested and offered some unique but anatomically impossible suggestions followed up by additional threats of violence.

As a result of their uncalled for reaction and because of the dog's severe condition, we were left with no choice but to contact animal control authorities because we were concerned that Bubba was being abused.

We have no desire to engage in a he said/she said discussion as it relates to Bubba’s health and care. Certain statements have been made about our behavior and response and we categorically deny those to be true. Patty and her husband have started a FB page and after publishing the private numbers of our volunteers, encouraged others to contact them based on their side of the story. As a result our volunteers have been inundated with hate filled texts and voicemails from people we assume are well intentioned in caring about Bubba but have likely never seen the photos we posted above of the condition the dog was found in.

As stated previously we do not have a desire to engage in a he said/she said discussion on the Internet. Unfortunately Patty and her husband have made death threats against members of the rescue and only after having shown up to someone's home (who we know) in the middle of the night demanding the dog did we feel the need to file police reports and share the information provided here.

We have involved the detectives at the SPCA because we are concerned about Bubba’s condition and believe that only serious negligence can account for the state he was found in. The SPCA detective was very concerned about his condition after seeing the same pictures we have posted on this page and is going to investigate the situation fully.

As a result of their uncalled for reaction, strong arm tactics, threats of violence and because of the dog's severe condition, we assumed they were hiding something and began to work with the authorities.  We have filed personal harassment charges, submitted requests for orders of protection and are working with counsel to take action against the slanderous public lies they have posted about our organization.  They created a public Facebook page to draw in support but have NOT provided accurate details of our interaction.  They have kept CURRENT pictures of Bubba hidden. 

After further investigation we learned that during these 72hrs, the owners had NOT tried to find their dog.  The good samaritan had posted his picture to Lost & Found sites and a friend of the family contacted them to let them know his location after recognizing him.  

I spoke with their son Roy Armine at 11pm on Tuesday, Aug. 26th.  (He had driven his mother to a volunteer's private home at 10pm.  Her husband and 2 small children were sleeping in the other room).  Roy Armine confirmed that his parents did not provide medical care to their animals because they do not BELIEVE in paying for veterinarian services.  Roy also disclosed that he had to move off of his parents property b/c of their hostile & volatile nature.  

We involved the detectives at the SPCA to prove gross negligence in the case of this poor dog.  The detective was very concerned about his condition after seeing the same pictures we have posted on this page.  The detective was going to investigate the family. 

In addition to contacting the SPCA, Curly Tail brought Bubba to a 3rd party veterinarian to examine the dog. Bloods were taken. Heart worm & fecal tests were done. His eyes, ears, lungs and heart were examined. The vet could find nothing systemically wrong with him, but did have serious concerns about his condition. He didn't have any parasites or illness causing his weight loss. Yet, he was severely underweight. There was no underlying medical condition to cause his condition leaving the only credible explanation as food & water deprivation. Blood work has confirmed all of his bodily systems and organs were functioning properly.

Thursday, August 28th


Patty and her husband confirmed in writing that they breed their pugs. As Backyard Breeders, they can earn money breeding their "pets" and choose to not provide medical care (because according to them, it is not worth the expense) legally as long as there are less then 25 dogs on their property. If they provide food, water and shelter, they can be deemed "safe" as owners.

I spoke with their son Roy Armine at 11pm on Tuesday, Aug. 26th.  (He had driven his mother to a volunteer's private home at 10pm.  Her husband and 2 small children were sleeping in the other room).  Roy Armine confirmed that his parents did not provide medical care to their animals because they do not BELIEVE in paying for veterinarian services.  Roy also disclosed that he had to move off of his parents property b/c of their hostile & volatile nature.

Dogs are viewed as property and sadly, the SPCA and other agencies are overrun by severe cases on a regular basis. Because this senior dog is considered near the end of his life, we were told it was easier to return him into their care and not worth the fight. And ultimately, that may be what we have to do. But we have asked, and the SPCA detective has agreed to perform an investigation first. We believe that even though the bar to seize a dog is (unfortunately) incredibly high even when there appears to be clear signs of neglect it is important that an investigation be on record. We believe that the owners of this dog need to be put on notice that someone is watching and caring about the condition of their animals.

We appreciate that there are so many folks out there concerned about the safety and welfare of animals like Bubba. Working as a volunteer in a rescue is often a tiring thankless, job but the joy from our successes keeps us going. We’re sorry that we had to share such a troubling story with our many supporters, but we wanted to make it clear to those who care about Bubba that it’s his interests that are at stake and not one sided as it may appear at first glance.

Patty and her husband claim they have been trying to get News 12 involved in this story and we encourage News 12 or any other media outlet interested in the condition of Bubba to contact our media relations coordinator, Chris Scharff for additional information.

Friday August 29th

We have started a petition to advocate for Bubba. We know the Suffolk SPCA is a busy organization and has to operate within the confines of the law. We simply want them to take Bubba's physical condition, medical evaluation and current progress under consideration while making their determination.

Please sign & share his petition here:  Petition to Protect Bubba

Curly Tail Mourns the Loss of Robin Williams

We at Curly Tail deeply mourn in the loss of the great Robin Williams.

Robin was a fearless actor and comedian, but also an adoption advocate and pug dad! 
In 2009 Curly Tail took in a pregnant puppy mill survivor named Clementine. All but one puppy in Clem's litter died, and Curly Tail worked hard to ensure that both Mama and little Flannery survived.

Robin was TRULY committed to rescue & working with Curly Tail for several months, with the adoption in the works since that November. In March 2010, the puppy, now Leonard Bean (pictured here), joined Robin at home and was officially adopted.

We are so thankful to Robin for his unforgettable creative work, but also for his generous heart, and for opening his doors to a rescue pug.

Thank you Robin! We are eternally grateful. #adoptdontshop

~ Forever in our hearts ~

Curly Jars o' Honey Fundraiser
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Curly Tail's very own Queen Bee, volunteer Susan Hereth.

Some of you may recognize this as the "Liquid Gold" 
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Curly's Unsung Medical Cases
Just a few from this past Spring & Early Summer 2014

Curly's Unsung Medical Cases

Please help us pay off our medical bills,
 so we can reopen intake!
Donate here:

07/14/2014 by Dréa

we are overwhelmed at the outpour of support so far. 

rescue is a tough business. it is easy to get beaten down by the horrible intake stories, the suffering of sweet innocent animals...the cruelty humans can display.

i, for one, used to find it hard to keep my faith in humanity. HOWEVER, the positive of rescue is not just the amazing rehab cases or the mind blowing, unconditional love of these rescued dogs. 

what never ceases to amaze me are the people that bring us back into the light. the volunteers who tirelessly give of their time & effort. all of YOU supporters that have faith in the work that we do... who keep showing up to help us move forward. 

it is YOUR positivity that sends us the strength to look in the face of tragedy & pain and prevail no matter what.

i was feeling tired & wondering how long i could keep this up as of late. but as the donations started rolling in today, it brought tears of gratitude & joy. it reminds me that not only do i not want to leave the dogs who need us but i don't want to leave the people who love us.

with much love & gratitude, i thank all of you who can give in whatever way that you can. be it financially, supplies, precious time... and most of all your love, faith & prayers. 

thank you thank you thank you,
dréa and the incredible gang at curly tail

• ∞ •

Campaign Info

Curly Tail has over $6500 in medical bills at our vets. Many of our regular medical cases do not get big fundraisers. 

The pugs featured here are "regular" cases but quite costly and our adoption fees never come close to covering costs.

So we created this so you can see just a few of the "regular ones" & help us catch up. That way we can open up intake again and resume rescue as usual.

• Olga's care: $2400
wkly steroid injections, multiple x-rays, antiobiotics, bloodwork

• Max: $1700
several x-rays, multiple rounds of antibiotics, bloodwork, vax

• Jenny: $1100
x-rays, bloodwork, dental surgery, antiobiotics, spay surgery

• Cooper: $800
x-rays, bloodwork, antiobiotics, vax

• Sunny: $750
multiple x-rays, dental surgery, multiple rounds of antibiotics, bloodwork, vax

Please help us pay off our medical bills,
 so we can reopen intake!
Donate here:

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Curly Beach Towels !!!

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View the CTPR Photo Album from Milwaukee Pugfest 2014!
MPF Slideshow 2014

Many of you would remember our most recent case, Isobel.  She was in a terrible state when Curly Tail took her in.  After months of dedicated foster care and mostly holistic treatment, she is finally healed enough to go home.  Isobel met her forever family.  This is a very happy Curly Tail ending!  

Thank you to all those who showed such support for this case.  We are already well on our way with several others.  Stay Tuned!

Isobel BEFORE Curly Care

Isobel AFTER Curly Care

Happy Valentines Day from the Gang at Curly Tail Pug Rescue

June 22, 2008 - Feb 12, 2013

After losing Sophia, it turns out that this year has been one of an exploration on love.

Love in it's purest sense is beautiful and magical and makes life worth living.  It's darker side, with pain and hurt and fear, is what we bring to the table.  By practicing acceptance and letting go, I am able to feel love truly at it's deepest, purest level.  

I can accept love and let go of hurt and fear.  I can accept the loss of Sophia.  I can accept the pain and grieving that comes w that loss.  But I do not have to bring excess hurt, suffering and fear into the mix.  I can grieve freely and be filled w love.

By truly letting go, even if only for moments at a time, I can be filled w love in it's purest sense and Sophia shines brightly in my heart.  I can deeply smile,
even through tears, w love for her that will always exist.  A love that will radiate into the lives of those around me & her bold, little spirit who lives on forever within me.

I give the gift of love freely today, and try to every day, by practicing acceptance & letting go.  And in turn I can live in love and not fear, and Sophia lives on.

Happy Valentines Day from the Gang at Curly Tail Pug Rescue

The Walking Pug • Halloween 2013

Curly pug "Pixel" dressed up as Michonne from the Walking Dead.  She wins our vote for best pug costume!

june 22, 2008 • feb 12, 2013

Sophia was truly a gift who belonged to us all. We know that her strong spirit is still with us, and that her legacy will live on.

As we struggle to come to terms with this great loss, we hope you will take a moment to remember Sophia for exactly what she was ...

Love. Pure Love.

For more of Sophia, please visit her Remembrance Page

We will continue our rescue philosophy... based on Sophia's bright, fiery little life & her ever strong will to live: 
  • Save those that would have been forgotten. 
  • Provide care others say is not possible. 
  • Find the reason when others say it is not worth it.

Donations in Sophia's memory will go only towards the care of pugs who need the help of Curly Angels... 

Please visit our  Success Page or Rescue Story Page for updates on our Rescues.

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