Forever Foster Oscar Needs Your Help

Forever Foster Oscar is still battling recurrent pneumonia and we need your help. The standard antibiotic treatments we've tried (Covenia and Zenoquin) have only partially cleared his lungs, and eventually the pneumonia comes back and he becomes very ill with high fever, lethargy, and he can't walk or eat.

Oscar's last set of X-rays showed even more pulmonary consolidation on his right lung than his previous set one month prior, and post antibiotic treatment. Since the standard, go-to antibiotics are only buying him time now and not clearing this up - the next step was to get him to an Internal specialist for a Bronchoscopy ASAP, to determine and address the root cause. 

Last week, Oscar underwent several different scope tests: Tracheobronchoscopy, Bronchoalveolar Lavage (flushing of lungs to get liquid cell samples), and Esophagoscopy.

From the scoping, many samples were taken for detailed testing, including:

Respiratory Disease PCR Comprehensive

Fungal Culture

Aerobic and Anaerobic Cultures

Fluid Analysis BAL Cell Count

From the testing thus far, we have now ruled out things like: collapsed trachea, megaesophagus, and cancer, which is great news.

The PCR testing looking for viral offenders like microplasma and bordatella were all also negative, more great news!

We are still waiting on the fungal cultures because these take time to grow in the lab, over a period of weeks.

Results from the Lavage test did show mild to moderate infection and bacteria in the lung fluid. The internist stated this doesn't necessarily mean pneumonia, it could mean other things like chronic bronchitis. The bacteria sample is now being further analyzed for antibiotic sensitivity. 

We are hopeful once they have identified the correct bacteria / antibiotics, we can get Oscar started on the right medication to to clear his lungs once and for all. This will require repeat X-rays, and further testing.

While Oscar was under for his scope procedure, the doctors saw that Oscar had very narrow airways. While this is true of most all brachycephalic breeds - the dr. stated that Oscar had the longest elongated soft palate that perhaps they'd ever seen. He also had overgrown laryngeal saccules that needed to be cut back and his airways, widened.

The palate issue was causing him difficult breathing in, and the saccules were causing him difficulty breathing out. due to the extra pressure needed by his body each and every time he inhaled and exhaled. The dr. compared it to constantly sucking through a tiny straw to get air.

Since he was already under, we gave permission for the surgeon to correct both of these issues, which should make it much easier for Oscar to breath now. 

Considering his age and ailments, Oscar came through the procedures and surgery with flying colors.. He did have some discomfort the first 48 hours but seems to be healing nicely now that we are one week out. His energy levels are up and he is loving his doctor-ordered diet of soft meatballs while his throat continues to heal!

Oscar's forever foster mom also noted that his is already breathing much easier, and doesn't snore half as loud as he used to! We are glad we were able to make him more comfortable while also getting to the bottom of his respiratory issues.

Curly Tail Pug Rescue is committed to the special needs of special pugs like Oscar. It is our mission to give them the best chance for an amazing life. And we rely on caring donors like you, to help make the difference!

Between the detailed scope procedures, comprehensive culture testing, the Elongated Palate Resection Surgery and Laryngeal Sacculectomy, this latest round of treatments for Oscar cost $3,300. 

Please consider a donation of any size. Just click the Contribute button below!

Thank you in advance!

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june 22, 2008 • feb 12, 2013

Sophia was truly a gift who belonged to us all. We know that her strong spirit is still with us, and that her legacy will live on.

As we struggle to come to terms with this great loss, we hope you will take a moment to remember Sophia for exactly what she was ...

Love. Pure Love.

For more of Sophia

We will continue our rescue philosophy... based on Sophia's bright, fiery little life & her ever strong will to live: 
    • Save those that would have been forgotten. 
    • Provide care others say is not possible. 
    • Find the reason when others say it is not worth it.

onations in Sophia's memory will go only towards the care of pugs who need the help of Curly Angels... 

Please visit our  Success Page or Rescue Story Page for updates on our Rescues.

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