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Cabernet Sauvignon: SukiCabernet Sauvignon: Suki
Chardonnay: Cher
                                                      Chardonnay: Cher
Malbec: Archie
                                                       Malbec: Archie

Pinot Noir: Newman
                                                     Pinot Noir: Newman
Sauvignon Blanc: Bella

Sauvignon Blanc: Bella

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Forever Foster Oscar

You may remember (now) 10 year old Oscar and 7 year old Rosie were abandoned together the week of Hurricane Sandy 2 years ago. A Good Samaritan took them to the local shelter where they were put on a 3 week stray hold.  Nobody claimed the sweet pair and they were doing poorly in shelter life; that is when Curly Tail Pug Rescue intervened and brought them into foster care.

Oscar suffers from dangerous seizures. The vets all suspect that his seizures are a result of previous head trauma, of which there is much evidence on the left side of his face, including: abnormal bone structure on his skull, a scarred and dented cornea on his left eye, a fractured jaw (which we discovered during dental XRAY’s), and most likely the reason his tongue hangs out is due to nerve damage of the jaw. It’s pretty clear that someone severely abused this sweet and gentle dog.

Keeping Oscar’s seizures under control is costly though, and CTPR needs your help.  Right now, Oscar has $1,033.22 in medical bills that CTPR needs to cover.

Every 6 months Oscar needs his Phenobarbitol and Bromide blood levels monitored to help us understand if he is in an effective zone, or if his medications need to be increased, or decreased if levels are too high. He also needs to have regular liver and kidney screenings to ensure there are no dangerous side effects of the long term medication damaging his organs. The cost for the specialized blood work is costly.

In addition, Oscar recently suffered from a bout of Pneumonia which required XRAY’s and antibiotics. Once Oscar completes his current round of antibiotics he will need repeat XRAY’s to confirm if the pneumonia is gone or may require further treatment.

Please donate to our sweet angel Oscar so that he can continue to receive the treatment he needs!

Help Keep Curly Tail + Bubba Alive and Well

Due to the high level of volatility during the worst (public) phase of the Bubba Case, we had to cancel several of our largest fall fundraisers. 

The few we did allow to happen, we didn't feel safe conducting public promoting of any kind. The "bad guys" threatened volunteers, sponsors and location hosts.  One recent event "the bad guys" showed up with bull horns chanting that we stole Bubba. 

(We will be posting a separate update on the legal aspects of this case soon.  Here is the quick scoop:  We just found out that Officer Caracci of the Suffolk County SPCA chose to LIE about his entire timeline statement.  That is how he was able to arrest Julie - who is 100% innocent of ALL charges.  The local DA is now using Bubba as a negotiating pawn.  They want us to provide Bubba's location in exchange for dropping Julie's charges.  One thing has NOTHING to do with the other.  To this day, not one person has questioned Bubba's transformation and why he was almost dead 2 months ago but is thriving now. BTW he is only receiving food and the basic care a senior dog requires. He is still considered property and the owners can apparently do it to him all over again with the Suffolk County SPCA's full support.)

Back to our current financial issues...

This is roughly what they would have generated:
Pugapalooza - $2500
NYC Halloween Party - $3000
Pugs 'n' Pints - $1500
Annual Calendar Contest - $10,000

This doesn't even take into consideration the day to day operations and efforts to raise funds that we normally do.  All of our energy has primarily been focused on this since Aug!

We recently retained counsel - in addition to the many pro-bono lawyers who have been helping us.  This initial fee is $2500.

Our operations have come to a grinding halt.  The "bad guys" spammed our intake, adoptions, and inquiry email addresses.  We stopped intake.  We only have provided medical care for dogs currently in our foster program and have successfully adopted them out. 

We do not want the "bad guys" to win and take down Curly Tail (which is what they have been trying to do relentlessly since this all started.)

Curly Tail has suffered a loss of over $17,000 in our normal fundraising efforts and currently have over $14,000 in outstanding medical bills.  That is a lot of money for a rescue of our size.

People have been asking if this is all worth it for one old man of a dog.  We at Curly Tail started this organization b/c of the life of one little angel pug b/c we do believe that EVERY SINGLE ONE is worth it.

Bubba's Happy Dinner Dance

Consider helping us rebuild &
persevere through this on-going ordeal. 

We are willing if you are!

#keepbubbasafe #bubba #curlytailpugrescue

Luna's Last Days

Curly Tail believes that every little four-legged soul deserves comfort, love and peace in their last days. They show us unconditional love their whole lives. The least we can do is be there for them as theirs comes to an end.

Enter Luna.

We received word from animal lover, Kathleen, about a sad senior girl in the shelter.  Her message was "Please can you help this little gem that was discarded on the side of the road. She was picked up by Animal Control and is now at Stratham SPCA."  This was Luna's LOST DOG FLYER and she did look particularly sad to us. 

Donate: Luna's Last Days 

We knew this old girl was sickly (from the shelter vet) & that we were most likely taking in a hospice case.  That did not stop foster mom, Leila from stepping up and opening her home to this little angel no matter how short her time with us would be.

Leila named her magical senior girl, Luna and fell immediately in love with her... as did all of the wonderful volunteers who transported her from NH to NYC.  She proceeded to care for this precious girl as though Luna had been with her since puppyhood.  Luna lapped of the love and was extremely happy being Leila's special girl.

CVC did a thorough examination of Luna.  We checked for everything from A-Z b/c she was frail and definitely not well.  Her heart was a major concern and those tests are costly.  Her 1st visit was $824.50!!  Her total bill to date is $1449.00

It turns out that her heart was failing and a 1/4 of the tissue was already dead.  She would need expensive medication to keep her comfortable and buy her as much time as we could.  

Luna's 1st vet visit and array of tests are listed below.  We appreciate any help you can provide to help offset this sweet hospice cases needs.  We are committed to giving her treatment for as long as she wants to stay with us.

Advocates for Bubba

Update Sept. 17th
I have been quiet for too long.  But that was done intentionally.  Sadly, I have to make this detailed public statement and am not happy about the players I'm obliged to name.

Last Chance Animal Rescue, run by Whitney Knowlton is the rescue behind the Bring Bubba Home page, spearheaded by LCAR members, Christina Driscoll Macuska & Paige Capace.  They also work very closely with the Suffolk County SPCA...closely enough to influence this investigation.    There was a reason these rescue members and the powers that be at the SPCA wanted to keep this relationship a secret.  Their motivations have absolutely nothing to do with the welfare of the animal in question or the rights of the Armine family .
The Bring Home Bubba page was taken down because Last Chance Animal Rescue has now taken possession of a dog whose owners have come forward to claim her. Last Chance Animal Rescue is refusing because of concerns for the dog's welfare and safety. The LCAR members who created Bring Home Bubba couldn't be on the record harassing a rescue who's only crime was following the exact same guidelines their own President adheres too. I truly hope the LCAR volunteers handling the dog in question are never subjected to the arrests, harassment, trespassing and overall viciousness they've put you through.

As my volunteers, friends, and peers every single one of you is as important to me as the pugs we rescue.  Watching you be arrested, verbally abused, threatened and attacked has been horrifying.    I've spent nearly every hour I have trying to resolve this insanity for the protection and safety of everyone involved.  That went precisely nowhere because this was never about Bubba.  Bring Home Bubba was not written by concerned friends and family.  You've been the victims of rescue vs rescue witch hunt and cooperating with the SPCA or returning Bubba was never going to resolve it. 

Unfortunately this may be as close to closure as we'll get.  The SPCA is still threatening to arrest anyone and everyone and our attempts to reach out to LCAR have been met with radio silence.  I'm not sure what Bring Home Bubba/Last Chance Animal Rescue were hoping to accomplish, but clearly, giving Bubba a safe home had nothing to do with it.  Below is the letter we sent to Whitney Knowlton attempting to resolve this.   Once you read that you'll know everything we know.   Rescuing animals NEVER requires the abuse of humans.    As volunteers and members of the human race your rights to safety, peace, and freedom from abuse are just as precious as the CTPR pugs.  Let's hope Last Chance Animal Rescue reads this and remembers that.  


Hi Whitney,

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sonya and I am the Intake and Foster Home coordinator (among other jobs) for Curly Tail Pug Rescue. You may or may not have heard of us, there has been a bit of a kerfuffle lately regarding an elderly, emaciated pug that we took in after a good samaritan picked him up wandering in the street in Holbrook. Alleged owners were located but they were unable to communicate with us in a constructive way and so now there is an ongoing legal investigation (on both sides) as they were unable to prove ownership or proper veterinary care to us. It reminds me very much of the current situation you have with Dorothy/Phoebe. What sad shape she is in! My heart broke when I saw the pictures.

The reason for my email is that, obviously, there is a LOT of he said/she said going on between supporters of both sides. I get it. People who are friends of the owners would understandably jump to their defense, especially if they had not really heard our side of the story (the relentless phone calls, the threats, the slander of an organization they know nothing about). However, I would not have expected volunteers of another well-known rescue group like yours to attack us without knowing any of the facts of the situation. We _______ that Christina Driscoll Macuska created or at least administered a Facebook page called Bring Home Bubba which existed almost solely to attack and 'bring down' (their words) Curly Tail, in addition to trying to get Bubba back to his owners. Names and personal cell phone numbers were posted on this page for several days (including mine) Once the wildfire started, those of us involved on the Curly Tail side began to receive even more calls/texts/messages/emails from the supporters. We were also accused via this page of 'using Bubba for fundraising' which is not at all true. We have not asked for one thin dime toward the care of the dog.

Christina appears to have been assisted by another of your volunteers named Paige Capace. The two of them went to great effort to routinely attack Curly Tail and our supporters for the past few weeks. In Christina's words "The owner is doing everything she can by working with the Suffolk County Police Department. As her friend who also volunteers with a legitimate animal rescue, I am doing everything I can to shut down the money grabbing scam that is Curly Tails Pug Rescue." If one of our volunteers made a public statement like that about another rescue and I knew about it, I can assure you that we would take appropriate action to make sure they understood that this is NOT acceptable to our board or our senior leadership in any way.

At some point this past week the page was finally taken down. However, I thought that perhaps you would want to know about the conduct of some of your volunteers. Frankly, it deeply saddens me that volunteers from different rescues would attack each other in this way. Do we not have enough to deal with? I certainly would not judge your organization by how these two women have conducted themselves but they certainly saw fit to attack us repeatedly without knowing any real details, only believing what they had heard from a woman who changed her story every hour regarding the dog.

I realize that these two women were very likely doing all of this 'on their own time' and perhaps you feel it's none of your business, or you have bigger fish to fry (don't we all?) but as one rescue person to another, I just thought you should know what had been going on for the last few weeks.

I sincerely hold no ill will toward anyone about this situation. We've lost so much precious 'rescue' time and resources already, I can't really dedicate any more energy to being negative or fending off negativity. We at Curly Tail are trying very hard to let it all go and rise above so I hope you don't view this as an attack. I have attached a few screenshots of the various FB posts and conversations. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

I hope you are able to work things out regarding Dorothy/Phoebe.

Monday Sept 1st (Labor Day) 5.45pm

CTPR wishes to express its heart felt appreciation to our volunteer, Julie, who is now home. Supported by The Lexus Project, we continue to try to find a reasonable resolution to this dispute and we thank our volunteers & supporters who work tirelessly to further our mission.

This situation is a profound reminder that everyone in the animal community, including advocates, owners & law enforcement, must hold themselves to the highest standard of conduct, because there are very real consequences to our choices.  Our laws are in place for a reason; abuse of power can and does happen. For this reason, we have to remember that the law applies to everyone, and it is up to each of us to make sure that we are all in compliance.  Be skeptical but respectful:  Ask questions, not just of owners but of animal rescues, and even political advocacy groups.  

This debate, as uncomfortable as it may be, is critical and valuable to animal lovers everywhere, whether we agree or disagree.  Regardless of which position you support let's make sure this conversation continues. 

Dréa and the Gang at Curly Tail

For more details on this case, please visit: Advocates for Bubba
Please continue to share and spread Bubba's story and petition:  Petition to Protect Bubba

Curly Tail Mourns the Loss of Robin Williams

We at Curly Tail deeply mourn in the loss of the great Robin Williams.

Robin was a fearless actor and comedian, but also an adoption advocate and pug dad! 
In 2009 Curly Tail took in a pregnant puppy mill survivor named Clementine. All but one puppy in Clem's litter died, and Curly Tail worked hard to ensure that both Mama and little Flannery survived.

Robin was TRULY committed to rescue & working with Curly Tail for several months, with the adoption in the works since that November. In March 2010, the puppy, now Leonard Bean (pictured here), joined Robin at home and was officially adopted.

We are so thankful to Robin for his unforgettable creative work, but also for his generous heart, and for opening his doors to a rescue pug.

Thank you Robin! We are eternally grateful. #adoptdontshop

~ Forever in our hearts ~

Curly's Unsung Medical Cases
Just a few from this past Spring & Early Summer 2014

Curly's Unsung Medical Cases

Please help us pay off our medical bills,
 so we can reopen intake!
Donate here:

07/14/2014 by Dréa

we are overwhelmed at the outpour of support so far. 

rescue is a tough business. it is easy to get beaten down by the horrible intake stories, the suffering of sweet innocent animals...the cruelty humans can display.

i, for one, used to find it hard to keep my faith in humanity. HOWEVER, the positive of rescue is not just the amazing rehab cases or the mind blowing, unconditional love of these rescued dogs. 

what never ceases to amaze me are the people that bring us back into the light. the volunteers who tirelessly give of their time & effort. all of YOU supporters that have faith in the work that we do... who keep showing up to help us move forward. 

it is YOUR positivity that sends us the strength to look in the face of tragedy & pain and prevail no matter what.

i was feeling tired & wondering how long i could keep this up as of late. but as the donations started rolling in today, it brought tears of gratitude & joy. it reminds me that not only do i not want to leave the dogs who need us but i don't want to leave the people who love us.

with much love & gratitude, i thank all of you who can give in whatever way that you can. be it financially, supplies, precious time... and most of all your love, faith & prayers. 

thank you thank you thank you,
dréa and the incredible gang at curly tail

• ∞ •

Campaign Info

Curly Tail has over $6500 in medical bills at our vets. Many of our regular medical cases do not get big fundraisers. 

The pugs featured here are "regular" cases but quite costly and our adoption fees never come close to covering costs.

So we created this so you can see just a few of the "regular ones" & help us catch up. That way we can open up intake again and resume rescue as usual.

• Olga's care: $2400
wkly steroid injections, multiple x-rays, antiobiotics, bloodwork

• Max: $1700
several x-rays, multiple rounds of antibiotics, bloodwork, vax

• Jenny: $1100
x-rays, bloodwork, dental surgery, antiobiotics, spay surgery

• Cooper: $800
x-rays, bloodwork, antiobiotics, vax

• Sunny: $750
multiple x-rays, dental surgery, multiple rounds of antibiotics, bloodwork, vax

Please help us pay off our medical bills,
 so we can reopen intake!
Donate here:

View the CTPR Photo Album from Milwaukee Pugfest 2014!
MPF Slideshow 2014

Many of you would remember our most recent case, Isobel.  She was in a terrible state when Curly Tail took her in.  After months of dedicated foster care and mostly holistic treatment, she is finally healed enough to go home.  Isobel met her forever family.  This is a very happy Curly Tail ending!  

Thank you to all those who showed such support for this case.  We are already well on our way with several others.  Stay Tuned!

Isobel BEFORE Curly Care

Isobel AFTER Curly Care

Happy Valentines Day from the Gang at Curly Tail Pug Rescue

June 22, 2008 - Feb 12, 2013

After losing Sophia, it turns out that this year has been one of an exploration on love.

Love in it's purest sense is beautiful and magical and makes life worth living.  It's darker side, with pain and hurt and fear, is what we bring to the table.  By practicing acceptance and letting go, I am able to feel love truly at it's deepest, purest level.  

I can accept love and let go of hurt and fear.  I can accept the loss of Sophia.  I can accept the pain and grieving that comes w that loss.  But I do not have to bring excess hurt, suffering and fear into the mix.  I can grieve freely and be filled w love.

By truly letting go, even if only for moments at a time, I can be filled w love in it's purest sense and Sophia shines brightly in my heart.  I can deeply smile,
even through tears, w love for her that will always exist.  A love that will radiate into the lives of those around me & her bold, little spirit who lives on forever within me.

I give the gift of love freely today, and try to every day, by practicing acceptance & letting go.  And in turn I can live in love and not fear, and Sophia lives on.

Happy Valentines Day from the Gang at Curly Tail Pug Rescue

june 22, 2008 • feb 12, 2013

Sophia was truly a gift who belonged to us all. We know that her strong spirit is still with us, and that her legacy will live on.

As we struggle to come to terms with this great loss, we hope you will take a moment to remember Sophia for exactly what she was ...

Love. Pure Love.

For more of Sophia, please visit her Remembrance Page

We will continue our rescue philosophy... based on Sophia's bright, fiery little life & her ever strong will to live: 
  • Save those that would have been forgotten. 
  • Provide care others say is not possible. 
  • Find the reason when others say it is not worth it.

Donations in Sophia's memory will go only towards the care of pugs who need the help of Curly Angels... 

Please visit our  Success Page or Rescue Story Page for updates on our Rescues.

Curly Tail is a Member of the Mayor's Alliance as an A.P.O
Alliance Participating Organization

Be part of a kindness revolution that transforms the way people relate to animals, nature and each other...