Leaving Long Island

Owen and Graydon final update 5/20/10


grayandOGraydon is a mellow super sweet companion and a trooper.

Graydon’s initial emergency treatment and intake was for a botched neuter and an ensuing life threatening infection that had spread through his groin and genitals. Graydon’s walk was wobbly which we suspected was linked to the groin/leg infection. He also tested positive for hook worm that subsequently cleared with a series of oral medications.

With a week of acute treatment the neuter infection cleared up but he still presented a wobbly gait that was clearly not linked to the infection as we first though.

Graydon had a complete physical and X-Rays were taken. It was determined that he had suffered a crushed L4 & L5 in his lower spine sometime ago and some additional trauma to his neck (both from suspected abuse and the horrible conditions that he and Owen were kept in).

Graydon experiences daily pain due these old injuries that were left untreated for such a long time. There are several ongoing side-effects from these old injuries and the pain he suffers:
Graydon’s gait is a little wobbly and he cannot walk long distances especially on concrete (his front paws drag and create bloody sores). The stress on his spine limits his mobility and activity – no stairs, jumping or rough play (but he loves to walk in the grass)

Graydon’s nerve damage and pain are mostly localized at the lower end of his spine – although he is super house trained for peeing, he has very little control of his bowel movements. He is very regular in this area but most times he does not sense that he is pooping and so accidents in the house, although predictable are unavoidable.

Since coming into foster care and the beginning of a weekly treatment regime we found an immediate improvement in his pain. Graydon’s treatment requires weekly visits to Dr. S for an anti-inflammatory/pain shot. Graydon has undergone two months of treatment which has helped manage his pain levels and has stabilized his condition. Graydon is occasionally given Metamax orally by his foster mom when his pain levels are high and his walking is a little more labored.

Graydon is on a strict diet that helps his foster mom manage his schedule keeping him both regular and his stool firm. Treats are limited to help in this area. Graydon never has pee accidents in the house, but because of his injury, cannot mark the trees like other male dogs and certainly has his own unique way of peeing (as he zig zags his way along).

Graydon’s life has changed in our care and he gives so much love for a dog that was shown very little in his previous situation. In all other areas he is healthy male pug and a very good boy (with great teeth!).

When Owen was first found he was very scared of humans. His fur was very dark, he had a horrible case of kennel cough, and he could not get around very well at all. There were many physical signs of abuse. The black elephant skin was most shocking to see, and his huge swollen BROKEN elbow, which he would not put any pressure on.

Owen’s elbow X-ray, was quite a remarkable sight, and will go down as one of the coolest things they have seen at Dr. S’ office. Pretty remarkable young man-pug. It has been miraculous to watch him go from Day 1 till now. Once the Kennel cough cleared we noticed immediately that Owen’s vocal box has been completely shot, which means that Owen never barks. He simply cannot. He makes his LARGE personality and presence known in many different ways however. When his foster mom comes home Owen is excited, he follows her feet and they end up playing hopscotch Owen style! He never has an accident in the house. He loves to pee and poop on dirt or grass. He is not a huge concrete fan.

The Elbow: The swelling and the fluid drained from the elbow pad, and once the black skin cleared away, the skin is so soft and tender. He has figured out a way to use that leg again. He walks a little like Quazy Moto, the hunchback but its super endearing. Sometimes he will stop walking and put the arm down and bend the broken part of the elbow in the other direction. He has no pain, he can run/walk, pull on the leash, and jump the curb like any other young pug. He has stopped dragging the front left paw on the ground also.

His best features include his mouth/muzzle area which is perfect for kissing (he gives AWESOME pug kisses!) and his (semi-old man) eyebrows.

His energy, big smile and his love have been more then I would have ever expected coming out of the situation he and Gray were in together. He is a lover.

Diet: We have settled with Lamb and rice simple ingredient food for Owen. I also add sweet potatoes to the bowl every night. He likes dinner time, but is not pushy. If the other dog is eating he will wait patiently till done, then walk over to the other bowl, and secretly eat any leftovers.

The scratching has stopped, and he still receives a Malasab shampoo once a week, along with the wipes. He is a VERY good boy. Owen finished the last day of a 28 day oral medication for the skin and the yeast and the itching. He now simply needs to be monitored now off the medication to see if it will stay this way. And continue the baths, which really helps the black skin on the neck folds flake off.

Owen cannot jump up onto any furniture, but wants to be close to his human as possible. He is a hefty 21-22 lbs and is the best snuggle pug anyone could have. After all he has been through it’s hard to imagine he would have turned into the sweet happy boy that he is today!

Thank you for supporting Owen and Graydon!

grayshotLeaving Long Island – Owen and Graydon update 4/7/10

Graydon’s foster mom has been alternating warm/cold compresses on his infected groin for the past few days around the clock and it has helped draw the puss out – a very good thing.

The infection has not spread any further down his leg and the area that is infected isn’t as rock hard as it was just last week. The infection also has not spread to his other side/leg which is more good news.

grayshotWe were told to watch closely for any signs of straining – a potentially life threatening situation where he would not be able to relieve himself. We have managed to stop the infection from spreading further and to our relief he seems to be urinating fine for the time being, but does seem to have some difficulty with bowel movements.

Graydon is still a bit tender in the groin area and walking gingerly. As such we are watching his back leg closely and hoping these issues are not related to the infection or an indication of something else.

Owen is doing great. He is currently on an oral 28day/1 a day med for his intense Yeast and skin allergies. The Oral is helping threefold, but makes him sleepy, we have switched his protein from Chicken to Lamb, which he seems to be reacting well to.

He is on an all natural/bland food with fewer ingredients made with Lamb kibble. His foster mom cooks sweet Potatoes and mixes it into his food and he eats all natural treats made with zero protein. Malaseb Wipes and shampoo seem to help him with his itching as well.

Owen is still scratching under his neck and belly, but he has stopped biting his legs. There is a marked improvement. Where he scratches the hair is falling out a lot, but we hope this is natural until the yeast and the bubbles/dry skin fall off and new skin replaces it as part of the healing process.

Owen’s elbow looks and feels like regular skin now, the fluid has drained through massage and the inflammation is gone. His personality has been growing and he has come out of his shell with other dogs and people. He doesn’t shy away (as much) as he did before. We are very encouraged with Owen’s progress so far.

We will continue to keep you posted on the progress of these sweet boys!

Leaving Long Island

graydon infectionOwen and Graydon were pulled from a shelter in Long Island, NY where they both ended up after being rescued from a horrific backyard breeder living in treacherous conditions.

Both dogs have serious abscesses and skin infections. They are both limping from the pain of open wounds, sores, and damage that is most likely the result of being confined in unsanitary tiny wire cages that promoted the infections they are now both fighting.

Both pugs are un-neutered and were most likely used as stud dogs to produce more litters.

graydon1On Graydon’s first couple of days in Curly Care we noticed the large abscess in his groin which also spread down his left leg. Curly Vet. Dr. S was concerned that if it spread any further it could be a serious threat to his genitals and possibly cause a blockage.

The abscess had already ruptured at the Vet.’s and his foster mom was told to apply a hot compress followed by a cold compress to try to draw the rest of the puss out. This was done every 3 to 4 hours for the entire weekend (Friday to Monday). The infection seemed to be impeding his ability to walk and defecate. He has also been given a concentrated shot of antibiotics as well as a series of oral antibiotics.

Owen came to us in even worse shape than Graydon. In addition to infections and sores, Owen has also been suffering from severe allergies, a common congenital problem in many Pugs. Owen was clearly never Vetted or treated for his allergies and the damage and neglect is evident in the grotesque condition of his pus oozing wounds, elephant like skin, limping, itching, and being so uncomfortable that he has difficulty even sleeping.

The intake of Owen and Graydon and their road to recovery will be costly, but Curly Tail will do everything we can to restore them to health and give them the lives that all Pugs deserve.
Please help us help Owen and Graydon, every little bit helps.



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